taupe shed

Here's two views of a shed I saw on a recent country garden tour:

I think I would have put a window on the side to provide some interior light. But it's a lovely shed.

Shed with Steel Roof

I noticed this shed on a walk. Looks like it holds a lot of stuff:

Daryl in Minnesota

Daryl writes:

"Built this last Summer, most all the wood is old yellow pine, from a barn
and corn crib on my farm in Iowa. Inside frame is with 4" x 4", 4" x 6" and
4" x 8" yellow pine. Most all the outside 1" x 6" verticals are yellow pine
as well as the batons. Oil stain on outside to match our ranch style house.
Inside is beautiful...unfinished wood. Faces south.

Floor is 2" x 12" and 2" x 10" yellow pine boards, supported by pressure
treated 2" x 10"'s. Cedar shake roof.

Will put finishing touches on it this Summer."

Wow. What a gorgeous shed!

Machelle's Shed

Machelle wrote:
"My husband built this little shed for me without any plans, the windows are all handmade and the skylight as well. It's my private getaway."

(sorry, larger image not provided)

Todd's Lighthouse Shed

This is a shed / playhouse that I built a few years ago for a Hospice charity auction. It is based upon an actual lighthouse on Grand Island in Lake Superior. It was intended as a playhouse and includes an interior ladder that accesses the coupla and a door to the upper balcony for surveying one’s domain. The floor is custom painted with gameboards, and a built-in desk provides space for adventure planning. The winning bid at the auction was $9500.00 including transportaton and installation. The main part of the shed is 8 x 12 feet, and it is 16’ high at the top of the coupla.

Todd Wright
Floyd & Todd Wright Builders Inc.
216 Ray Street
Boyne City, MI 49712

Richard's Pine Shed

Built in the summer of 2008 from scratch by Quebec Carpenter Mario Deschesne

This original pine garden wood shed made from 100% red and white pine wood.
Built in Saint Rose Laval ( Quebec ) Canada from lumber harvested at the A.Chiasson Lumber Farm ( St.Lin ) Quebec Canada.

15 feet by 12 feet, this garden shed is used as a garden tool storage area but will soon be turned into a family wood working and arts and craft shop.

Designed by Richard E.Primeau of Saint Rose Laval ( Quebec ) Canada

turning iron beds into garden benches

Steve in Kansas has welding experience and started turning old iron beds into garden benches. He calls them Flowerbeds:

Good work, Steve.


Making a garden bench from an old bench


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