Outbuilding Shed with Garden Art

From a garden tour last summer:

Shirl's Painted Shed

From my inbox:
"This is my grandma's garden shed that I painted this year. She wanted something bright and cheerful."

Outhouse Shed

From my inbox:
"Here are some pictures of my out house shed. I hope you like it .I had a lot of fun building it.
I know not many out houses had a front porch but i thought it added a nice touch."

Shed of the Year

The shed of the year contest at http://www.readersheds.co.uk/ is open to international readers.

Go here to enter your shed.

You can also see the 2007 winner here. It's a fun one!

Gale and Joe's Updated Shed

Gale and Joe in Fayetteville, North Carolina, recently shingled the roof and painted the exterior of their garden shed:

Lovely choice of paint colour!

Antique Seller's Shed

backshedpickins wrote:

here is picture of it when we first started painting it..it sits in the corner behind our house

Here is the picture of how it looks now..the stove will eventually be moved and table and chairs will be put there this summer..we painted it in less than four hours from start to finish..

This shed is now where I sell antiques and collectibles..

On the side of this shed is a small bathroom that is used for customers and pool use..I painted a small boy on a pot for the sign...

I love your site..and have used many of your ideas..keep up the neat work. Anyone can visit my site if they like to for bargains on antiques and collectibles


Tracy's Shed

I turned an old building that sits on my land into a garden delight and also a place a meet my brides(I am a wedding and event designer) I enjoy it sooo much hope you do too.

Nancy's Shed

Nancy wrote:

Most the materials used we recycled, windows at yard sale, glass roof is old shower doors, the door from a girlfriend that she replaced , potting benches from basement redo, siding 100 year old from house I grew up in, deck wood from old concrete forms, it has opened up a whole new world for me.. I just love it!

I love it when something so great it made from used materials. Thanks, Nancy.

Recipe for a Cool Shed

Susan's Shed
-left-over 2x4's
-chicken wire
-left-over window
-left-over mexican door

Beautiful job!


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