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I received a copy of Stylish Sheds by Debra Prinzing from the publisher in the summer. I have mentioned before that I really struggle with writing book reviews (which is rather unfortunate since I am a fervent reader) so for this one I will simply say what I think:

The book is gorgeous. It's loaded with photos of all sorts of sheds that are used for all sorts of reasons in an array of styles with lots of detail shots. Gardening, art, writing, hiding, thinking, playing, napping, eating, meditating, parties. You name it, someone is doing it in their shed!

Debra Prinzing is a superb writer. William Wright is an excellent photographer.

The stories of the sheds and their owners/creators are inspiring and cover everything from the practical to (what I would call) the spiritual aspects of creating a room of one's own.

When I first received the book, I poured through the photos. Since then, I have been slowly devouring it, story by story. I don't really want it to end. I keep finding more ideas and inspiration that confirm my desire for uniqueness over conformity, and delight over resell value in my own empire.

In summary: it's lovely.

Stylish Sheds - see the book at

2008 Shed of the Year

The winner is...a pub shed.

See the details and read about it here:

If this one is not your pint of brew, there's plenty of other inspiration on the site here:

How to save money building a shed

This shed isn't particularly attractive but it comes with a very good idea: build your shed against an existing building. The one pictured here was built onto the back basement wall of a house. They built a second one on the adjacent wall around the corner. Very handy for gardening.

Benefits: You'll gain structural support and save on building costs due to the shared wall. Also, these long narrow sheds with wide doorways are great for making everything inside easily accessible. I see lots of sheds that are long and deep and it's a small battle just getting the lawn mower out!

John's Shed

John wrote:
Here is a pic of my garden shed for my Oriental
garden. It's mainly used for storage of my garden
tools, etc.

Here's pic 2 of my garden sheds seen from my deck. The small oriental-style shed on the right is storage for my potting area. The door construction was quite a project. I was trying to capture the feel of the temple doors that you see in Japan or China. It was a difficult project (and heavy) but quite satisfying when they were finished.

The strapping and back-plates were hand pounded 3/16 steel and the asian-style handles were from
out of Calif. The wood-finish is, dark stain topped with red paint then lightly sanded, then a misting of gold paint and sealed with clear varnish.

A tip on construction
: use seasoned wood to decrease the chance of warpage.

--John (White Lake MI USA)


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