Chris' Enchanted Shed

Some shed's have interesting stories behind them. Chris' enchanted shed is no exception.

"It started from an old rotted out non insureable lizzard and snake invested junk pile....the shed was falling down.... the back wall we cut out was so rotted when I bought the house the insurance company made me sign over that the shed was not covered under our new home policy. "

Here's a construction photo:


"All new tin roof....its fully insulated with R19 with vapor's also air conditioned to keep the salt air out (we are 4 houses away from the ocean). The air-con protects my Harley! We are on a well so the water softener is in the shed. I plan to expand it a second time and add another 14 by 14 room with workout gym and bathroom. To some people its silly, but I love the "enchanted shed!!! I will be planting some more palm trees and doing landscaping. our lot is 100x250...... after living on a boat full time since 1988 to 2004..I'm a real rookie at gardening. the dog pen in the front will be changed to a little covered patio. "

A well-housed Harley:

Looks like a good second home to me:


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