Sher's Farm Sheds

Sher wrote:

We live on a small farm here in Ks. with the last two of our eight young'uns. Since we are retired and still raising little ones, everything we do is done on a shoe-string budget...a very SHORT shoe-string I might add!!!!

This is a well house Keith built out of old boards we had laying around. Total cost...Probably $0!

Here is a little cabin we built (you can see it behind the well house) on the back of our place. It has one bedroom, small kitchen, living room and bathroom. The inside is all decorated in Shabby Chic. We had almost $3,000 in this!

Here's a photo of an old "out-house" Keith built to keep tools in. Cost $0.

Thanks, Sher!

Wee Shed

I saw this little shed on a recent farm garden tour. The paddles decorating the barn-style door make sense if you know that the shed is beside a very large pond with a rowboat.

See the entire garden in an upcoming post at Empress of Dirt [link].

Waterwheel Shed

I saw this waterwheel/shed on a farm garden tour:

Farm gardens are always fun: I love seeing the little paradises people create in the middle of nowhere.

The entire tour will appear in an upcoming post at Empress of Dirt [link].

Lucky Horse Shoe Shed

I saw this shed on a recent garden tour. It looks like they made up the design as they went along. Funny how the plants are dominating one side, countered by the lucky horse shoe on the door. Notice the window up top for lighting. I think the plants may block it soon...

Vistors Welcome

I saw this shed on a recent garden tour. I came this close [<---->] to sitting down in one of those chairs and spending the day there:

Not only is the porch so inviting, but that's a good size shed. You could keep your inlaws in there. Padlock optional.

Green/Sedum Shed Roofs

Sedum: it's not just for green-bragging corporate rooftops anymore. How about making a green roof for your shed, birdhouse or a framing some sedum or moss or whatever! for a picture on your garden fence?

Of course, if more builders did this too, it would be a finer world:

If you've created a green rooftop of any kind, I'd love to picture it here.


What Did This Shed Used to Be?

All I can say is, I'd much prefer this to the Port-O-Lets of today.... There are lots more gorgeous garden photos at Layanee's blog (listed below).

Photo of Brenda's shed courtesy of Layanee at Ledge and Gardens

Shed of the Year Competition

It's too late for voting, but if you love seeing a wide variety of shed ideas, have a look at the nominees and winner for the 2007 Shed of the Year contest at There's lots of wonderful and unusual ideas. [link]

House or shed or both?

Jason's House

Jason's Shed

Jason designed his shed (right) as a 1/3 replica of his home. The shed is 12 x 16'. It has a 5x7' roll up door which accommodates the lawn tractor.

Well done! And very cool indeed.

Jason's House

Jason's Shed


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