Patricia's Shed (& Garden Art!)

Patricia wrote:

The shed was a kit that my husband and I ordered off the internet. It is Western Red Cedar. After we put the shed together, we decided to put a protective Cedar stain on it. I painted the shutters to match our home.

I searched on Ebay and got several collections of vintage garden tools, which I display at each end . I also got some vintage-looking tin garden signs which I scratched up a bit so they would start to rust. We found a really neat 75 year old pait of Adirondack chairs for the front of shed.

I am an artist so I have painted some interesting garden signs to display on the wooden fence. I also painted some Arts and Craft style designs on the window
boxes. I added the lace curtains because I don't like being able to see insdie the windows. I added a Arts and Crafts Stained Glass lamp which glows through the window and is left on all the time. At night it looks like a little cabin in the woods.

Here's some of Patricia's art (click for a larger pic):

You can see more of Patricia's artwork here:


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