Jerry's Shed

I have shed envy, and I have sister envy, since I have neither a shed nor a sister (and far too many brothers!), and with that confession I present to you, Jerry's shed and a bit of garden in Oklahoma. Jerry is Susan's sister:

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Katy's Butterfly Shed

Katy wrote:
"This is my potting shed/shop, I make my garden "Art' in there. I use it for a backdrop for a few of my different gardens. I live in Michigan and I love it except in Winter! I live to garden."

Like Katy, I live to garden too. This time of year is hard for those of us still facing snow each day. Soft earth and last frost cannot arrive soon enough.

Susan's Tara

When your shed is this pretty, it's only right to call it Tara.

I bet Scarlett and Rhett are in there right now, re potting a few seedlings!

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Billy's Shed

Billy from Lowell, MA calls this shed a work in progress. You can see from the before photo that it's come a long way!



Note for Billy: My reply to you bounced from your spam filter so I hope you see your shed here. Thanks! --Melissa

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Libbe's Shed

Libbe's shed is currently covered in snow in Ohio, but this photo shows it during warmer weather:

It's so charming, I would be terribly tempted to convert it into a little art studio/summer sleeping cabin, though I suppose the outdoor tools and potting supplies must be housed somewhere....


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