taupe shed

Here's two views of a shed I saw on a recent country garden tour:

I think I would have put a window on the side to provide some interior light. But it's a lovely shed.

Shed with Steel Roof

I noticed this shed on a walk. Looks like it holds a lot of stuff:

Daryl in Minnesota

Daryl writes:

"Built this last Summer, most all the wood is old yellow pine, from a barn
and corn crib on my farm in Iowa. Inside frame is with 4" x 4", 4" x 6" and
4" x 8" yellow pine. Most all the outside 1" x 6" verticals are yellow pine
as well as the batons. Oil stain on outside to match our ranch style house.
Inside is beautiful...unfinished wood. Faces south.

Floor is 2" x 12" and 2" x 10" yellow pine boards, supported by pressure
treated 2" x 10"'s. Cedar shake roof.

Will put finishing touches on it this Summer."

Wow. What a gorgeous shed!


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